DuraMax Trailer Product Features

Heavy Duty All Tube Steel Frame

No more cheap hat posts and thin fabricated beams!

All of DuraMax Trailer's structural frame are made of Extruded Tube Steel for maximum strength, durability, and resistance to wear.

It is ridiculous to require plywood to keep a frame square!

DuraMax Frame is squared right from the weld shop and does not require plywood for additional strength.

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DuraPlate® Composite Structural Panel Exterior w/ 10-Year Warranty

Wabash National, the manufacturer of DuraPlate Structural Panels, provides a 10-year warranty on any defects including delimination, discoloration, and separation. DuraPlate panel cores are extruded to the metal layers instead of glued. This process ensures a life time of use without worrying about it coming apart.

Wabash National also has the largest service center network in the nation. If you need any service, even for repairs, you can locate a DuraPlate service center in just about anywhere.

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All Steel Exterior Shell (No Alum/Steel Corrosion) with Galvanized Coating

Steel + Aluminum + Salt Water = Corrosion!

Tired of seeing your new trailer corrode after one winter? DuraPlate is made of steel skin (not aluminum) along with 7 layers of anti-corrosion treatment. This is the same protection that has guarded commercial trailer fleets for decades.

Even when the panel is scratched, the galvanized layer will resist against raw metal exposure and therefore reduces the opportunity to rust.

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Patented Uni-Body Lightweight Design

The strength of the DuraPlate Structural Panels along with the uni-body chasis design reduce the need to "beef-up" steel frames for heavy duty applications.

This resulted less components and a lighter frame while increased the overal strength of the trailer.

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Super-Wide Rear Opening (4” Wider)

DuraMax Trailer has the largest rear entry opening on the market. Our narrow post design provides additional 4 inches of width compare to industry standard.

The extra width will come in handy when you need to squeeze your car, tractor, or ATV into the trailer.


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Theft Resistant Shell Design (No More Break-Ins, 80,000 psi Fall Hard Steel)

DuraMax Structural Walls are rated at 11,106 psi of stiffness strength. It takes a special industrial saw with a custom blade just to cut through.

No more worrying about someone cutting through the thin aluminum skin and steal your tools and valuables. The patented DuraMax Exterior Shell design provides the additional security you need to discourage vandalism to your property.

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Automotive Grade Baked-on Exterior Paint

Get best paint job available!

All DuraPlate walls are coated with 7-Layers of Coating including baked-on primer and polyester paint.

It outperforms single stage paint that is on every aluminum skinned trailer and maintain its sharp look year after year. It is the same paint that is used on automobiles today and can be buffed and waxed to match your car.

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One-Piece (No Seam) Alum Roof

Get the roof that lasts!!

Our one-piece aluminum roof (standard) prevents leak and cracks from forming. The Luan Underliner provides additional support needed for snow and other debris.

Want the best roof on the market? Ask our representative about the DuraPlate roof upgrade!

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Liquid Armor® Undercoating and Tongue

There is no paint that can prevent rust!!

The best way to separate the metal frame from elements is to coat it. DuraMax Trailer's special Liquid Armor formula is a single stage automotive grade undercoating that keeps the steel from moisture while provide protection against wear and scratches.

Liquid Armor is also environmental friendly and easy to repair. It is a water-based coating that is biodegradetable. To repair, simply apply it with a brush and it will adhere to the existing coating. No special tool required.

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LED Tail Lights

DuraMax Trailer uses the best LED Tail lights on the market. We recognize the importance of safety while on the road. Your trailer safety equipment should be tough and able to handle daily usage without problems.

DuraMax Slim Line Tail Lights have the most amount of LEDs (20 Diodes) on the market. It is factory sealed against moisture, snow, and other environmental challenges. If it ever needs to be replaced, it is as easy as removing two screws. You shouldn't have to pay extra for safety. DuraMax Slim Line Tail Lights are STANDARD on all DuraMax Trailer models.

DuraMax Slime Line LED Tail Lights ensures that while you are working, your lights are, too.

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LED Marker Lights

To match the quality of the trailer and the DuraMax Slim Line LED Tail Lights, DuraMax Trailer uses DuraMax ICE LED Marker Lights for STANDARD DOT marker lighting.

DuraMax ICE LED Marker Lights has the most diodes (7 diodes) on the market. The new ICE look compliments the new styling of the DuraMax Trailer series.

DuraMax ICE LED Marker Lights are factory sealed against mositure, snow, and other environmental challenges. If replacement is ever needed, the pop-out assembly feature makes it a simple task.

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50-Year Advantech® No-Warp Flooring

Tired of warping plywood and rotting floor boards? Why continue to coat it or sand it? Why put up with it?

DuraMax Trailer has been using Advantech Engineered Flooring for many years as our standard flooring. It is the same tongue-n-groove system that has been used in high-end homes for decades.

Advantech Engineered Flooring system is the industry leader in moisture resistance (9.2% absorption vs. 40.3% for plywood).

Advantech flooring does not cup, warp, or delaminate under harsh weather conditions.

Engineered for strength and stiffness, Advantech flooring outperforms plywood and OSB by over 100% (1,675 lbf-in/ft Bending Strength vs. 768 lbf-in/ft for plywood and OSB).

Compressed together by plastic composite material not glued, Adantech flooring does not contain fermaldehyde fumes that are harmful to your health.

The tongue-n-grove design ensures that, no matter the temperature changes, you will never see a gap in the seams of your floor.

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Flush Mount DuraPlate® Door with Commercial Grade Double Fin Seals

No more leaks! Compression weather seals looses its compression over time. Don't let anyone else tell you that is the way it is.

Semi-trailer and commercial container industry has been using the Double Fin seal strips for many decades.

Double fin seal uses a flush mount technology that does not require compression. It seals like a refridgerator door while trapping any water in between the two fins. This provides a tight seal around the door opening while keeping the inside dry.

Because of its flexible design, it will work in all temperatures and will not allow ice to freeze the door shut.

It is the best door seal on the market proven time and time again by the commercial transportation industry. And now it is available only through DuraMax Trailer series.

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Alum Thread Plate (ATP) Rear Hoop

No more cost cutting cheap rear hoops. The rear entry is one of the most used feature of a trailer. It deserves to be tough and durable.

DuraMax Trailer offers STANDARD Aluminum Thread Plate (ATP) rear hoop styling to match your trailer.

ATP plates will last longer than typical thin aluminum cover. They also provide better visual presence for vehicles following your trailer for better safety.

Alum Thread Plate (ATP) Verticals

There is nothing that would match ATP Rear Hoop better than ATP Verticals!

All models of DuraMax trailers comes with front ATP verticals in the corners that matches the rear hoop STANDARD. The complete ATP decorative package is just what this trailer series needed to make sure it stands tall against other competitions.

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Heavy Duty Trim Package

Heavy Duty Trim for Heavy Duty Trailer!

No more skinny light trim that does not hold up! DuraMax Trailers use Heavy Duty Trim package STANDARD to make sure that no broken or cracked trims over time.

No more broken screw heads! All DuraMax Trailers are assembled with bolts rather than cheap metal screws that breaks up easy. Each bolt is precision drilled and assembled for life-time performance.

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DuraPlate® Easy-Entry Side Door

DuraPlate Side Door is the most advanced technology available to enclosed trailers. It is a solid door that is no more than 1/2 inch thick and made of DuraPlate.

It combines the strength of the DuraPlate with the durability of the double fin seal. This combination provided a light weight door that is more durable than aluminum door (3 times stronger).

The DuraPlate outer shell provided the anti-corrosion ability that it is known for. The double fin seal eliminated the need to add another flush RV lock for easy entry. As you walk in and out of the trailer all day, the door itself will stay shut without the bar lock until you are ready to get on the road.

It is clearly the best door available on the market today!

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10-Year manufacturer's Warranty

For its design and choice of premium materials. DuraMax Trailer is proud to offer a 10-year warranty on the DuraMax Trailer series.

This is in combination of 10-year warranty by Wabash National for their DuraPlate Structure Plate (backed by their national network of service centers), 50-year warranty by Advantech Flooring, and Kaper II's lifetime warranty on DuraMax LED marker lights and tail lights. The list goes on and on.

Don't take our word for it, see the trailer yourself and decide how long this well built trailer can last. It will be the best investment you will ever make.

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